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.223/5.56 Bullet Casing Pen w/Copperhead Skin

.223/5.56 Bullet Casing Pen w/Copperhead Skin

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     This twist pen is made from a recycled once fired .223/5.56 brass casing. Upper barrel is made from copperhead skin that is cast in clear resin and adorned with gold hardware to match the casing.

     The brass casing and real bullet are first modified to accept the ink and twist mechanism. Then the upper barrel is turned on the lathe, sanded, polished to a high gloss and hardware installed.

     This pen is refillable accepting mini cross brand refills. Due to the casing being a once fired round, there may be dings and scratches in the steel. This adds character to the piece and truly shows the story behind the casing.

     All modifications, resin work and turning is done by us here at “The Crafty Pirates” feel free to reach out if you want a custom piece made up for you!

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