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.223/5.56 Casing Pen With Real Deer Antler

.223/5.56 Casing Pen With Real Deer Antler

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Introducing our unique and eye-catching ballpoint pen, meticulously crafted from a spent brass .223/5.56 casing. This one-of-a-kind writing instrument combines creativity, durability, and a touch of elegance to enhance your writing experience.

The nib of this extraordinary pen is ingeniously crafted from a genuine bullet, ensuring smooth and precise lines with every stroke. Its upper barrel is made from authentic deer antler, adding a rustic charm to its overall design.

Featuring a convenient twist-style mechanism, this pen effortlessly extends and retracts the nib, allowing for seamless writing at any moment. Designed to accommodate a mini cross brand refill, you can easily replace the ink whenever needed, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted writing flow.

Embracing its past life as a fired casing, this pen showcases unique and authentic scratches and dings, enhancing its character and individuality. Each imperfection tells a story, making this pen a conversation starter and a true reflection of its past.

In addition to its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive materials, our ballpoint pen is carefully crafted, ensuring it stands out among other writing instruments. With its alluring combination of brass, bullet nib, and deer antler, this pen is a perfect gift for firearm enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone seeking a remarkable and functional writing tool.

Upgrade your writing experience with our remarkable ballpoint pen, created from a spent brass .223/5.56 casing, featuring a real bullet nib, a deer antler upper barrel, and a twist-style mechanism. Order now and experience the perfect fusion of innovation, style, and history in your hand.

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