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H. H. Holmes EDC Bead

H. H. Holmes EDC Bead

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Introducing the extraordinary H.H. Holmes EDC Bead, a remarkable addition to your everyday carry collection. This meticulously crafted bead measures 1" in length and features a perfectly round shape with a 9/16" diameter. What sets this bead apart is its unique composition - it contains a genuine piece of H.H. Holmes' infamous murder castle embedded within the resin.

The H.H. Holmes EDC Bead is not only a stunning piece of craftsmanship but also a captivating conversation starter. The inclusion of the murder castle fragment adds an intriguing historical element to this already remarkable bead. It pays homage to one of America's most notorious serial killers, making it a true collector's item.

To ensure versatility and functionality, this EDC bead comes with 5 feet of blood-red 550 paracord. The paracord can be easily integrated into your EDC setup, offering countless possibilities for customization and practical use.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, true crime aficionado, or simply appreciate finely crafted EDC items, the H.H. Holmes EDC Bead is a must-have. Embrace the dark allure of this unique piece and elevate your everyday carry to a whole new level.

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