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Jeffrey Dahmer EDC Bead

Jeffrey Dahmer EDC Bead

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Introducing our extraordinary EDC bead, a one-of-a-kind accessory that combines practicality with a touch of macabre fascination. Measuring 1" in length and 9/16" in diameter, this bead is meticulously designed to enhance your everyday carry experience.

What sets this bead apart is its chilling design, featuring an image of Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious figure from criminal history, embedded in the resin. Adding to its eerie allure, the bead contains an authentic piece of brick from Dahmer's former apartment, seamlessly integrated into the resin.

To ensure versatility, the bead is equipped with a 3/8" hole, allowing for easy attachment to various EDC accessories. Additionally, we provide you with 5 feet of blood red 550 paracord, a robust and dependable material to complement the bead's unique aesthetic.

Whether you are a collector or an individual who appreciates the darker side of history, this EDC bead offers a truly exceptional addition to your everyday carry essentials. Embrace the intrigue and showcase your distinct style with this hauntingly captivating piece.

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