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John Wayne Gacy EDC Bead

John Wayne Gacy EDC Bead

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Introducing our exclusive EDC bead, a unique piece that combines functionality and intrigue. This 1" long and 9/16" round bead is meticulously crafted to cater to your everyday carry needs.

What sets this bead apart is its captivating design - a haunting image of John Wayne Gacy, an infamous figure from American history, embedded in the resin. The bead also contains a chilling element of authenticity, with dirt from the crawl space under Gacy's house intricately blended into the resin.

To ensure versatility, the bead features a 3/8" hole, allowing it to be easily threaded onto various accessories. Additionally, we provide you with 5 feet of blood red 550 paracord, a durable and reliable material, allowing you to incorporate this bead seamlessly into your EDC setup.

Whether you are a collector or seeking a conversation starter, this EDC bead offers a truly unique and intriguing addition to your everyday carry essentials. Own a part of history and showcase your individuality with this remarkable piece.

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